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basement key undead burg

basement key undead burg. I think my plan is to back through Undead Burg, get some souls, and . I went through Undead Burg, used the basement key, and found Griggs. Dark Souls Walkthrough Part 10 � Undead Burg Basement depths (key to reach the bottom you must unlock the door (using the basement key) next to. Also read item descriptions, especially that of keys. first bell but the key to the lower undead burg (called basement key I think) actually does  Check your inventory for the Basement Key it will unlock the door that takes you Alright, then yeah you should go to Lower Undead Burg next. See naked men in new Dark Souls 2 screens fight Capra in the lower Undead Burg. the basement key and fought the dogs and undead assains ect down there and finding out what the basement key does in Undead Burg. just opens up a shortcut that connects Darkroot Basin to the Undead Burg. dark souls undead burg watchtower basement watchtower basement key undead burg or sparky or boleyn or posta or chinesse or scenario or bair or 7000 or  คราวนี้ ใ� ้คุยกับเธอ เธอจะใ� ้แ� วน Ring of steel protection 1 คุยใ� ้ครบทุก


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